Year in a review 2022

2022 in a page

There are only two splits for 2022

  • life
  • work


  • had the longest crying streak in my life (probably after being an infant)
  • kicked 2 venomous people who acted to be friends of out my life (hope to never see them again!)
  • had the most depressing 12+ months of my life
  • cried during ceremonies
  • cried during my birthday
  • highest number of solo travel done yet
  • first solo flight journey
  • became financially in-dependant
  • got my dream work setup done
  • successfully arranged first trip with few other friends
  • visited Bengaluru for the first time
  • migrated to Bengaluru
  • Highest number of days stayed alone separated from family
  • Broke some of my biggest fears
  • Got my first sneaker and many new things
  • went for Ritviz's private concert (CRED's anniversary party)
  • met the most number of strangers this year and they turned out to be my friends
  • travelled more than 4000+ kms in a year (by land alone apart from city rides)

Looking back at 2022 I've learned so many things. I've tried to keep so many things private and I'm happy about it. Sometimes I've written drafts that were never shared to the world. These are some really good things I wished to share.


  • worked on my biggest fear web sockets and migrated legacy API based code to socket successfully
  • got MVP (Most Valuable Person) at Freshworks for the year 2021 - 2022
  • left my first job ( 😭 )
  • started with open Source
  • got mentioned in Dan's tweet
  • worked on implementing console for site and improving the performance of the site
  • became maintainer of docs
  • joined CRED
  • helped improve types for webpack plugins
  • helped in building new site
  • joined ESLint's website team to maintain docs
  • helped ship post and comment editor to 🌸🌿
  • contributed to few more projects like lexical,, vercel's og image generator, etc
  • reached 300 followers on twitter from 10 followers (95% of people came through social channels)
    • reached 5000+ followers on linkedin
      • made banger posts, got 1K, 2K, 3K likes and more than 200,000 impressions per post

  • got featured in official react docs site for my work
  • made it to eslint's release log more than 3 times in a row
  • became maintainer of
  • made it to page
  • helped many new people land into open source journey along with me

and to end it with my all time favourite!

x -- x -- x